English Breakfast Decaffeinated Black Tea

Tea Infusions


All that "steeping" really means is that the tea leaves release their flavor into a liquid. That liquid doesn’t necessarily have to be water! You can get as creative as you want.

Here are just a few idea of fun things to steep your tea in:

*Apple Cinnamon Warmth or Pears & Cinnamon tea in apple juice
*Cinnamon Spice tea or Chocolate Chai in milk (or milk alternative)
*Strawberry Immunity or Green Raspberry tea in Sprite
*Tangerine Ginger or Chamomile tea in Gingerale 
*Peppermint or Jade Cloud tea in lemonade
*Masala Chai in apple cider 
*Citrus Mint in coconut water 
* Strawberry Immunity tea in white wine
*Currant Vanilla or Cinnamon Spice tea in red wine
*Elderberry Healer or Hibiscus tea in vodka 
The combinations are endless.

There are somethings to keep in mind though.            

1) Any tea with hibiscus or a lot of citrus should not be steeped in milk. Milk alternatives would work great!

2) Cold brewing your tea will take about 8 hours in the refrigerator.

3) If you're using anything carbonated (Sprite, Ginger ale, seltzer water, etc) steep the tea using 1/2 the liquid then add the other 1/2 when you drink it so it isn't "flat".


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