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Disidente Full Collection
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Made in Colombia with Colombian Ingredients


Tour Colombia with Cacao Disidente

Cacao Disidente was born to create a small brand new world. A world of cacao and chocolate that aims to answer the demands of bean-to-bar chocolatiers and chocolate lovers, seeking to exalt cacao of the best aromatic quality in its best form.

Bordering Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru, Colombia has a wealth of cacao heritage and biodiversity.  Explore the flavor Colombia has to offer with Disidente.


Cacao Disidente works directly with the farmers to face their biggest challenge of switching from coca farming to something better.  The illegal coca is easy money, but it destroys rural communities.  Growing cacao brings everyone together to share knowledge and friendship.  To make cacao farming successful, educators, entrepreneurs, buyers, and companies like Disidente must commit to pay more for quality cacao.

This commitment is evident in the area of Macarena where the associated farmers can finally work towards creating stable living conditions while producing high quality cacao.  The producers association generates a strong collective unity of farmers committed to the sustainable production of cacao bound to excel in local and international markets.

In the region of Río Sinú, the countryside is plagued by armed conflict, deforestation, and unsustainable livestock farming.  The agroforestry cultivation model of cocoa is a compelling economic alternative that allows the sustainable management of natural resources. Cacao Disidente is able to work side by side with producers and fermentation plants to determine production and processing regulations for the fresh cocoa.

Single Origin

  • Río Sinú - Let notes of sugar and cream slowly melt on your tongue with a long chocolate finish.
  • Macarena - Taste for light tartness followed by caramelized sugar and light bitterness.
  • Don Miqueas - An earthy beginning leads to mellow notes of mild fruit and banana.


  • 100% - Immediate thick and earthy flavors yield to a tart middle and long supple finish.
  • 70% - Be careful to slowly eat this sweet and caramely chocolate.
  • 70% with Nibs - This bar adds some crunch with cocoa nibs.
  • Marañot (Cashew) - Sourced from the region of Vichada, cashews are ground into the chocolate to make a creamy and soft bar.
  • Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry 70% - A low impact vacuum drying process preserves almost 100% of the nutrients of the fruit.

Maker's Notes:

Our blends are the most personal expression of our way of understanding chocolate. They are compositions of different batches of selected cacao, created by our tasters to offer the world new aromatic melodies.

Aromas of white flower and apple accompany the delicate chocolate notes with juicy acidity, evidence of a sweet and ripe cocoa. A long-lasting flavor with hints of toasted nuts.

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More Information
Type: Dark Chocolate
Bar Size: 40 g
Percentage: 40-100%
Ingredients: cacao, cacao butter
Cacao Origin: Colombia
Maker's Country: Colombia

Information provided is not a recommendation of allergen safety. Please read the labels provided in the product photos to determine your allergen risk.

Label Statement: May contain traces of nuts.
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Ingredients and Allergens

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