Curt's Cloud (Earl Grey Cream Soda)

This iced tea latte is rich, creamy, bubbly, slightly sweet and packed full of Earl Grey goodness. You can easily adjust the amount of sweetness and no fancy equipment is needed. It tastes very similar to a London Fog with Earl Grey, sweetener and frothy cream but this drink goes a step further with the unique bubbly addition.


Ingredients for 1 serving:
* 2 tablespoons Yahara Earl Grey loose leaf tea
* 1/4 cup boiling water
* 1/4 cup Yahara Raw Panela sugar
* 1 cup seltzer water
* Ice
* Whipped cream (fresh or store bought)
Instructions for 1 serving (Earl Grey simple syrup):
* Steep tea in boiling water for 5 minutes and strain
* Add sugar to the stained tea and stir until fully dissolved.
* Chill sweetened tea until cold and ready to serve
Instructions for 1 Earl Grey Cream Soda:
* Add 2-3 tablespoons of the Earl Grey simple syrup to a glass with ice.
* Add seltzer water to the glass until almost full. Leave a bit of room for the whipped cream.
3) Top the glass with whipped cream. Stir to combine and enjoy!
This makes one glass, but feel free to increase the simple syrup recipe for the amount of servings you’ll need.
It tastes like a sparkling London Fog!